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Summer's here, and so is our Summer blondie box of 4 outstanding blondies.

Finally, the rain has stopped and the Sun is here to stay! To celebrate the start of Summer, I have created a unique box of Blondies to enjoy in the summer sun, each flavour has that deep intense taste and smell of summer. In the dark and cold winter months, these are the type of memories that make those days just that little bit easier.

To me this box depicts everything that is summer, fresh zingy flavours, mouth wateringly good smells and bright summery colours.

First up the delicious Lemon Blondie, this is my all-time favourite, I love the home made zingy lemon curd swirled into the moist lemon and almond base. It is mouth wateringly good. I just love the zingy taste you get from lemon curds and homemade lemon drizzle; I think they only way you can truly get this is from home made and tasting each and every batch. I make my own lemon curd from fresh lemons, I don’t buy the mass-produced jars, the recipe I use to make my zingy homemade lemon curd spans back to when I was a child and would bake lemon curd with my Nan and my mum, in fact it is still a handwritten piece of paper, which my Nan kept pinned to the inside of one of her cupboard doors.

Lemon curd is such a simple recipe to make, it’s only lemons, butter, eggs, and sugar, but it’s getting the mixture just right and continually tasting it and refining it for that lip curling zingy hit. I just love it, but the battle isn’t over just making an incredible tasting lemon curd, you then have to combine it to make into a lemon blondie, not a lemon drizzle cake, and bake something which has a beautifully fresh, zingy taste and isn’t too flaky or cakey, nor too firm. Once I have the perfect lemon blondie I finally drizzle with a homemade lemon drizzle.

Next up the top selling blondie, the Bakewell Blondie. The tart raspberry against the almond base is a classic combination. The heavenly taste and texture makes this blondie so moreish you will crave for more. A perfect blend of almond and raspberry makes this classic our bestseller. I have always loved the flavour of a Bakewell tart, my Nan Freda’s favourite treat! I have fond memories of her baking dozens of Bakewell’s for us to eat over the weekends. We often could not resist the irresistible aromas wafting from the kitchen and raced to watch them brown in the oven. My nan would not let us near them until they were cool – this was the trickiest part. However, we often pinched a reject ( you always got at least one tart that stuck in the tin) Nan’s shortcrust was to die for, so buttery it crumbled so easily but she was such a pro. I still have her butter knife that she used to do the very job and use it to this day alongside the secret recipe. I find such comfort in knowing my Nan is with me in all my bakes. I hear her voice guide me through each recipe and I can confidently say she would LOVE the Bakewell Blondie! The moist sponge puddled with raspberry jam and topped with freeze dried raspberries for that little spot of tartness to cut through the sweet base perfectly.

The crowd pleaser, Lotus Biscoff blondie is a favourite amongst my girls, when we catch up, they always ask me to bring a big box of these along!

The lightly spiced caramel flavour makes this blondie so irresistible and with the addition of the crunchie biscuit a great texture combination. Buttery, brown sugar blondies with Lotus Biscoff spread, chunks of Lotus biscuit and white chocolate. Topped with a delicious mixture of dark chocolate and Biscoff spread, and a whole Lotus biscuit.

The final pick, the new Orange and Almond blondie. An almond based cake is always a winner for me! I actually tasted this cake for the first time when visiting my sister-in-law in Sydney!

I fell in love with it and just knew I would have to recreate this beauty when I got back home. I have finally perfected the cake into a delicious orange and almond blondie. The bitter taste of oranges combined with the sweet vanilla and almond make a moist light blondie perfect for those hot sunny days. I love this blondie with a dollop of thick creamy Greek yogurt.

Whole oranges go into the cake to give you a bitter citrusy orange taste, it is my absolute favourite cake (I know I always say this – but really it is!) I top the cake with flaked almonds before baking and once cooled dust with icing sugar to give the cake a little sweetness. This blondie just screams summer to me. This blondie tastes amazing with a dollop of crème fraiche or creamy thick Greek yogurt on the side. Sit back and enjoy this little slice of citrus heaven.

This is the perfect box for that special picnic occasion, summer bbq with friends or to quietly sit in the back garden whilst sipping a beautifully chilled refreshing drink.

So, what are you waiting for, grab your picnic basket, add your blondies and Pimm’s and away you go! It’s time to enjoy the summer sun and start making those memories.

All of these beautiful blondies a part of the Summer blondies box, but can also be bought separately when you want to Pick your own box of your four favourite flavours

Love Lucy x


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