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Nutella Brownies & Cookies

Nutella and Milk Chocolate Cookies

Who doesn’t love cookies!!!!

I am a huge fan of Nutella, which is why I make the most amazing Nutella brownies. I love the stuff and so do the boys!!! They would have it every morning on their porridge, pancakes and even on their toast!!

I think George would bathe in the stuff if I let him 😊

You may have bought my Nutella brownies and had them delivered from my Sheffield online brownies shop, but “What makes the perfect cookie”? and more importantly, what makes the perfect Nutella cookie.

Do you prefer gooey, soft or chewy,? Do you like them filled with chocolate, nuts or fruit? For me I like a slightly crisp exterior but soft and gooey in the centre.

Cookies are so versatile and bring back so many childhood memories with my glass of milk before bed, The Chocolate Chip Cookie was invented by 2 female bakers Ruth Graves Wakefield and Sue Brides in 1938, little did they know that we would still be adapting their recipe over 80 years later!

So where did Nutella Originate ?

During World War II, chocolate was both expensive and scarce across Europe.

Determined cocoa-lover and Italian pastry-maker Pietro Ferrero mixed hazelnuts with his rations of the delicacy to make it last longer.

. However, when first sold, It wasn't really a spread at all! Ferrero originally designed the chocolate-hazelnut paste as a loaf, which could then be sliced and placed on individual pieces of bread, like you might do with a cut of meat or piece of American cheese. It was then after many sleepless nights and trying various recipes, that an early version of Nutella was born, and called Super Crema

It wasn't until 1964 that the iconic Nutella jar was created a year. Each year Nutella produce 365,000 tons, the same weight as the Empire State building, enough chocolate spread to circle the world 1.8 times. You could build 22,000 Big Ben replicas with it. And you could line the Great Wall of China eight times with the number of jars sold in a year.

The inventor of Nutella the Ferrero family may sound familiar ? Ferrero Rocher is another of their brands, in 2015 they also bought out UK based Thorntons chocolates. There are also some incredible recipes using Nutella

Pairing the classic chocolate chip cookie with Nutella is a stroke of genius and a delicious combination. These cookies taste their best when slightly cooled from the oven. The Nutella oozes in the centre, they are just heavenly and a must try recipe. Enjoy baking!

Nutella Cookies This recipe makes 16 decent size cookies, so reduce if you wish, but then live to regret.


115g Salted butter

100g Granulated Sugar

150g Soft brown sugar