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Come and Say Hi !

Scrumptious by Lucy, will be at Sharrow Vale Market on Sunday 18th July, so I will be baking on the range of flavours on Saturday, ready for the big day.

I just absolutely loved the buzz of a market, it really is so good meeting so many people, and the thing I enjoy most will be listening to people talk about my brownies and cakes and putting faces to names of so many of my customers who I have never met face to face, but recognise their names or where they are from, and who had bought my chocolate brownies in the past or wanted them as a brownie gift for a loved one or relative

It will be really nice to meet so many of my lovely customers. I will be bringing a lovely range of chocolate brownies & blondies, including the Flavour of the month for July, my version of the classic Raspberry Ripple, a gorgeous raspberries and white chocolate blondie this is a beautifully light and fudgy tasting blondie, perfect for the summer, or why not buy the Summer blondies box.

The last market we managed was just before Covid in early 2020, on the days leading up to Sunday, it will be a little crazy, constantly checking, and wondering what the weather will be like, if it's going to be hot, how many cool or refrigerated boxes will I need to keep the chocolate brownies cool, if it's going to rain or get windy, I need to make sure I have enough towels and waterproof covers and the gazebo has enough weights to keep it down and I don't end up like Mary Poppins.

Things will be frantic with little sleep with lots of baking and organising, making sure we pack everything, as well as taking enough brownies gift boxes, making sure we have enough gift wrapping, ensuring all the gluten free brownies are completely separate from the Vegan and regular brownie,s and they each have their own knives, spatulas, as well as an endless supply of kitchen rolls, paper bags, gloves napkins and a hundred and one other items which if I forget just one, you can guarantee I will absolutely regret it all day.

Sharrow Vale Market is on Sharrow Vale road, S11 8ZP just off Eccleshall Road at the Hunters bar roundabout. Plenty of nearby parking and so many lovely stalls.

Pop along, say hello, and sample some of the lovely brownies, I would love to meet you, so put Sunday the 18th July in your diary.


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