• Lucy

The hottest brownies shop in Sheffield

Thank you so much for everyone who came and visited the hottest Sheffield brownies shop (stall) on Sunday 18th July at Sharrow Vale market.

The weather was so hot, I think peaking out at around 30c, and even from setting up early doors, by the time people started to arrive it was around 22 degrees. I was constantly tracking where the sun would be, and how to keep the brownies cool with boxes of ice packs, a host of battery operated fans and cooler boxes, all working overtime.

I was so pleased to meet so many customers who had ordered brownies online and had them delivered by post, the feedback from individual customers was really inspiring, so thank you again, and I was also given some great ideas for new flavour combinations and which were peoples favourite brownies, but I must say, the Lemon blondies, the July pop up flavour of Raspberry and white chocolate blondie and the Bakewell Blondie were very popular on the day.

Sharrow Vale Market, is my favourite street market, the organisers and marshals’ are really lovely, it is such a nice little community, made even better with the other traders who all help each other out and get along so well, it was so interesting to listen to their stories of how they have coped and the effects of Covid to everyone’s businesses, I know for me it is such a change from selling brownies online and packing the brownies in letterbox gift boxes for posting anywhere in the UK, to actually meeting people who clearly loved what they saw and gave you immediate feedback from the sample etc.

I know the day of this year’s summer market, was actually the last day of the Government Covid restrictions before the so called freedom day, but Sharrow Vale markets had quite rightly made the decision for everyone’s safety to reduce the number of stalls, and to put as many Covid safeguards in place, but this didn’t affect the great market atmosphere which I have so missed, and above all the market was a great success, so thank you to all those lovely people from Sharrow Vale markets and the community association, and please keep supporting the local businesses.

I wanted to just give you a little insight into some of the things I had to prepare for or consider in the week during the run up to the market,

Lots of baking!! Yes, that is the obvious part! But what else is involved?

I recently set up my gazebo to give it a clean down and check it was ship shape, It was, thankfully. Then check I had all my corner weights to hold everything down if it got windy, check I had washed and cleaned all the covers if it rained! I take my gazebo with me to all markets as I feel it is all part of my brand. I take pride in my whole set up and the appearance of the stall. The one thing I didn’t check with over a week to go was have I got masses of ice packs, electric fans and cooler boxes? This is the UK, surely I won’t need them?

Banners! I had these reprinted as the previous ones were slightly too big and bugging me ( me and my perfectionism) so I am very happy with the new banners. I have one at the back of the stall so you guys can see who we are straight away! ‘Scrumptious by Lucy’ and one at the front below the blondies and brownies.

I have 2 flags which fly high above the stand, again so you don’t miss out and can spot us easily !

Tables and tablecloths have been checked and washed! At this point I am feeling excited! I have so missed this! Bags, Gloves, Sanitiser, Anti-bacterial spray (and literally my kitchen sink box for if anything goes wrong!! ) also the see through plastic flexi guards across the front of the stall to protect the cakes.

Now it’s brownie time! What bakes am I taking?

Market regulars will know I have previously sold a selection of cakes, brownies, blondies and sweet treats to please everyone, however now I have streamlined into Brownies and Blondies my stock is changing!

First up the blondies. Blondies are a great alternative to brownies If you are not a big chocolate lover. I have the top seller Bakewell, a delicious almond base swirled with raspberry jam, drizzled with icing, and topped with freeze dried raspberries,