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Is your favourite brownie flavour in the top sellers ?

My favourite place is in the kitchen, creating new brownie and blondie flavours to share with you.

I love the challenge of creating new scrummy treats! I have learnt to accept that failures along the way are ok, baking has never been easy, and I am sure Mary Berry has had a few bumps along the way. One thing I can assure you is the current top selling brownies are tried and tested and you guys are in for a treat.

What are the top flavours right now?

The Bakewell Blondie is my absolute favourite out of all brownies and blondies I bake. It is our top seller week on week, and at markets and events I attend, and I think I know why.

Aesthetically, it is beautiful, and it tastes divine. The blondie is moist yet light, it has a subtle almond taste, when paired with the freeze-dried raspberries gives the perfect balance of sweet and sharpness.

Bakewell blondie is the number one scrummy treat!

Terry’s chocolate orange is a nostalgic flavour that takes me back to my childhood.

Every Christmas Nan Freda used to buy me a chocolate orange and pop it in my stocking without fail! To this day my Mum continues the tradition. When deciding on brownie flavours Terry’s Chocolate Orange was a must.

Chocolate and orange are a classic combination that is loved by many and is one of your favourite brownies to date.

The Malteser brownie is another favourite of yours!

The Malteser brownie was a challenge to develop as I wanted the brownie to emulate the malty flavours that epitomise what a Malteser is. It was a challenge to perfect the malty taste throughout the brownie whilst also retaining a moist fudgy brownie for you all to enjoy!

I am happy with the balance I have achieved, a pleasing chewy texture with a noticeable malty flavour, it immediately delivers on the Malteser front.

A brownie recipe I am very happy with, and one that delivers a Malteser brownie for you to love! I hope you would agree!

The Oreo brownie, another favourite childhood treat of mine.

I wanted to imitate the signature cookie and cream taste an Oreo delivers in a brownie and I think I have cracked it!

The rich bitter base against the sweet vanilla buttercream is dreamy, paired with the crunch from the Oreo biscuits makes this brownie another one of your favourite scrummy treats.

So what are the other favourites trying to enter the premier league ?

Whilst the Bakewell Blondie, Terry’s Chocolate Orange, Malteser and Oreo Brownie make our current Top Seller box there may be a return visitor that is about to shake things up!

Lotus has become insanely popular and is a great addition to so many sweet treats. I know how much you all loved the Lotus blondie so it is back and even better(if I can say that!) The light spiced caramel taste is delicious and satisfies your sweet cravings instantly! The Lotus Blondie will not be going anywhere for some time… I promise!

I have created the Top seller box for that easy one click purchase that delivers on ease and gives the best BANG for your buck!!! Who wouldn’t want a top seller box landing on their doorstep? I know I wouldn’t say no.

What is your favourite brownie?

P.S I am on holiday from Friday 29th July to Wednesday 9th August. Orders placed up to Midnight 28th July will be delivered by DPD on Monday 1st August.

All orders placed between Friday 29th July and Wednesday 9th August will be baked and sent out on Thursday 11th August for delivery on Friday 12th August, when normal delivery services resume, but don't forget, you can always pre date your orders for any date in the future.

Lucy x


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