Is your favourite brownie flavour in the top sellers ?

My favourite place is in the kitchen, creating new brownie and blondie flavours to share with you.

I love the challenge of creating new scrummy treats! I have learnt to accept that failures along the way are ok, baking has never been easy, and I am sure Mary Berry has had a few bumps along the way. One thing I can assure you is the current top selling brownies are tried and tested and you guys are in for a treat.

What are the top flavours right now?

The Bakewell Blondie is my absolute favourite out of all brownies and blondies I bake. It is our top seller week on week, and at markets and events I attend, and I think I know why.

Aesthetically, it is beautiful, and it tastes divine. The blondie is moist yet light, it has a subtle almond taste, when paired with the freeze-dried raspberries gives the perfect balance of sweet and sharpness.

Bakewell blondie is the number one scrummy treat!

Terry’s chocolate orange is a nostalgic flavour that takes me back to my childhood.

Every Christmas Nan Freda used to buy me a chocolate orange and pop it in my stocking without fail! To this day my Mum continues the tradition. When deciding on brownie flavours Terry’s Chocolate Orange was a must.

Chocolate and orange are a classic combination that is loved by many and is one of your favourite brownies to date.

The Malteser brownie is another favourite of yours!

The Malteser brownie was a challenge to develop as I wanted the brownie to emulate the malty flavours that epitomise what a Malteser is. It was a challenge to perfect the malty taste throughout the brownie whilst also retaining a moist fudgy brownie for you all to enjoy!

I am happy with the balance I have achieved, a pleasing chewy texture with a noticeable malty flavour, it immediately delivers on the Malteser front.

A brownie recipe I am very happy with, and one that delivers a Malteser brownie for you to love! I hope you would agree!

The Oreo brownie, another favourite childhood treat of mine.

I wanted to imitate the signature cookie and cream taste an Oreo delivers in a brownie and I think I have cracked it!