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Day One of the 5 on the farm festival

Day 1 at the 5 at the Farm Festival

Hi Guys,

Just a quick update at the end of Day One of the three day, 5 on the Farm festival at Cannon Hall Farm.

The weather was brilliant, although maybe a little too hot for the brownies, however, the crowd were great, so friendly and some fantastic stalls and traders in attendance.

We had almost sold out by 3pm so I had to replenish with another bake until finally at 7.30pm as the crowds started to drift home, we could put everything away, go home and ......yes you've guessed it? another bake of the really popular Bakewell Blondie, the delicious Lemon Drizzle blondie, the Terry's chocolate Orange, and the Salted caramel.

I was going initially going to take Rocky Road, my husband said No, but when do I ever listen ; ) and I'm glad I didn't, The children absolutely loved it, and this was so popular, but unfortunately I can't yet add it to the line up, as posting it can be a little problematic, so I may well keep it for further markets, but I will definitely keep it for the next 2 days

The stage area was so busy, with a great line up of stars from the various Channel 5 TV stars including, Ben Fogle, Amanda Owen, The Yorkshire Vet and my favourite, down to earth Yorkshire men of Rob and Dave, from Cannon Hall Farm.

Everyone one of them was really good, and took the time to meet the people and the various signings etc.

I am so looking forward to tomorrow, really hope to see you there, but don't forget, if you can't make it, you can order online, where I can soon get your brownies order delivered by our letterbox brownies gift boxes.

Hope to see you tomorrow



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