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Valentine brownie lovers love Valentine brownie gifts

You can’t beat the warm fuzzy happy feeling you get when you take a bite of a delicious brownie, some would say it’s the four neurotransmitters, Endorphins, dopamine, serotonin and oxytocin that create this happiness and who am I to disagree with science?

What I do know is, when its comes to Valentines day, being the person giving your loved ones this gift of happiness, will only win you brownie points.

But what is Valentines day? Before it turned into a marketing machine, on valentines day people would traditionally send a card, often anonymously, to a person one is romantically involved with or attracted to, and over time, with the help of some powerful marketing this has transgressed into the giving of gifts, sometimes even an engagement ring!!!!

To find the origins of Valentines day you will have to go back to the Roman times, there are several different interpretations of how Valentines started, all of which are a little too risky to mention in this blog and there’s no mention of brownies or Bakewell blondies, so I will just stick with the modern day of love story. My husband likes to pretend he’s anti Valentines day but he always manages to find a gift for me, which isn’t hard as I have pretty much told him only buy me something I can eat. I absolutely love flowers but give me a chocolate treat any day.

Why chocolate over flowers? Flowers look beautiful, smell fantastic and make a room look pretty, but do they make my Endorphins, dopamine, serotonin and oxytocin go wild, no they don’t, and this is why I choose chocolate.

I love the feeling I get from eating a delicious chocolate brownie, I love the taste and texture, the smell, the mix of flavours and finally the fact I can take my time with it with a nice cup of tea in front of the TV, everything else seems to disappear into the background when I'm sat down with my chocolate brownies and its this utter peace and happiness I adore.

If you want your loved one to look at you the same way they look at that Chocolate brownie, you are in luck, I can help.

I have designed what I think is the perfect “I love you” gift for your special someone. I have put together four amazing flavours, they all taste very different to one another and all use the finest ingredients, these four delicious brownies and blondie are the perfect gift on Valentines day.

What are the four flavours:

Firstly - Salted Caramel: Getting the caramel just right, isn’t easy, but when you do its incredible. Once the caramel is just right, I sit it on top of the bottom layer of rich dense chocolate and then I pour a second layer on top of the caramel making a chocolate brownie base with a rich salty and sweet caramel centre. But hold on, its not over yet! I finally add caramel swirls on top just make the perfect salted caramel chocolate brownie. This chocolate brownie is often the weekly top selling letterbox brownie and rightly so.

Second - Chocolate brownie. This is my signature Belgian dark & milk chocolate fudge brownie, this is a true classic for the brownie purist. Gooey, dense, delightfully chocolatey and exceedingly moreish, made from possibly the best chocolate brownie recipe

Third - Bakewell blondie. A twist on the flavours of a classic Bakewell Tart, almond and raspberries. The blondie base is an almond sponge swirled with raspberries and flaked almonds. The blondie is drizzled in icing and sprinkled with freeze dried raspberries, to finish, the blondie is drizzled in icing and sprinkled with freeze dried raspberries

​Always saving the best till last - Terry's chocolate orange brownie. Terry's chocolate orange brownie. For true chocolate orange lovers, this really is the timeless classic combination, a rich chocolate fudge brownie combined with orange zest to create the perfect balance. The brownie is drizzled in orange chocolate and topped with a segment of Terry's chocolate orange.

My Valentines gift box is beautifully wrapped in red tissue and sealed inside the box with a personalised hand written message (if requested) as well as a brownie care card / flavours description. The brownies are vac packed so the flavours stay fresh for longer. The Valentine box is then wrapped with a beautiful red ribbon, tied into a bow, and for that final touch of elegance you can add a beautiful blue and gold Love You gift wrap, or an elegant blue and gold ribbon effect.

This year Valentine's day falls on Monday 14th February, I will post out the brownie gift boxes on Friday 11th February to ensure they arrive on Monday 14th, it might be that some arrive on the Saturday or Sunday, but better to arrive early than late and with the current postal situation caused by staffing levels in Royal mail and most of the courier companies, I would prefer they arrive early, rather than late. I will put a little sticker on the package saying Not to be opened until 14th February

The ordering process:

Whilst the brownies will earn you the admiration of the recipient, I also want to make the process as smooth as possible for you, because I know finding the perfect gift can be tiring and stressful. You can order this fantastic gift set of brownies in a few clicks by clicking this

link Order Valentines gift box

Love Lucy x


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