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Valentine's day, share the love with my latest creation. The ultimate Valentine's brownie slab.

Valentine’s Slab – Limited Edition

What says ‘I love you’ more than a slab of brownie? and this is a seriously good slab of brownie.

I have designed what I think is the perfect “I love you” gift for your special someone. I have put together the perfect Valentine’s themed chocolate brownie slab to melt anyone’s heart.

A signature chocolate brownie base drizzled with white chocolate, topped with pink and red heart sprinkles to add that extra touch of love and finally a fondant message, I love You. The slab is wrapped in red tissue and sealed with a heart sticker.

Do not forget to add your handwritten personalised message! The gift box is finished with a red ribbon for that final extra special touch….

Who wouldn’t want to be your Valentine?

This chocolate slab is equivalent to 6 single brownies and measures 18x18cm and is perfect to share at home with your loved one or post to any UK address if you can’t be together.

Can Valentine's day gifts get any better than this !

All our Valentine brownie slabs will be sent on Friday 10th February, (the Postie has been warned about the weight of the brownies slabs and has started weight training)

The brownies will be delivered either Monday 13th or Tuesday 14th February, but unfortunately the odd one may be delivered over the weekend as the Royal Mail try to keep up with deliveries and get a little ahead of themselves, I am sorry if this happens, but better to arrive early than late, I will make sure there is a sticker to say Valentines gift.

If you wanted to choose your own box of 4, you can still order a box from my pick your own brownies range and why not have them delivered wrapped in a gorgeous blue and gold Love You gift wrap ?

Love Lucy x


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