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The new Orange and Almond Blondie

An almond based cake is always a winner for me! I actually tasted this cake for the first time when visiting my sister-in-law in Sydney! I fell in love with the cake and just knew I would have to recreate this beauty once I returned home.

If you ever visited one of my market stalls in and around Sheffield, you will have seen my Orange and Almond cake sat proudly on its own cake stand. Without fail this cake would sell out at every market.

It may seem like such a simple recipe but it’s so important that you get the flavours just right, so one flavour doesn’t overpower the other, too much orange and its too zingy and too much almond, it becomes too sweet, it’s a real balancing act. After about a year of testing different recipes I finally perfected the cake and I’m so happy I didn’t give up, as this is a beautiful cake.

Once I had the recipe I just had to do the Maths (which I am good at, as I was a Maths teacher) and change the measurements so I could recreate the cake into a blondie.

Whole oranges go into this blondie to give you a bitter citrusy orange taste, it is my absolute favourite blondie (I know I always say this – but really it is!) I top the blondie with flaked almonds before baking and once cooled dust with icing sugar to give the cake a little sweetness.

This blondie just screams summer to me. The blondie tastes amazing with a dollop of crème fraiche or creamy thick Greek yogurt on the side. Sit back and enjoy this little slice of citrus heaven.

If you fancy a mixture of brownies and blondies, you can individually choose this blondie from my Pick Your Own box of 4, where you choose your favourite four flavours,

Don't forget that extra special touch, add a personal message at checkout & I will hand write your message onto a card and pop it inside the beautiful brownie gift box, and for that extra special touch, you can also buy a beautiful brownies gift wrap.

All my brownies are vacuum sealed so they remain lovely and fresh and packaged into a beautiful brownies gift box, which can be delivered anywhere in the UK. The letterbox size brownies box can be delivered even when nobody is at home, so when you buy your brownies gift box online, you can be assured they will be delivered within 2 working days.


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