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From the Sheffield train station brownies, to the Bakewell blondies, what a lovely week

This week has been so busy, and you can see people are getting ready for Christmas. We had three full days in the hustle and bustle of South Yorkshire busiest train station with our purpose made pop up brownies stall in the foyer of Sheffield train station, and the launch of my festive brownie gift box,

The Sheffield brownie baker is now a permanent fixture at the station between 10.30am and 6pm in the foyer entrance, every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, with the occasional Saturday, especially leading up to Christmas.

And now today (Saturday 19th) and tomorrow (Sunday 20th) I am in the heart of the Peak District at what is described as the quintessential riverside English village.

Bakewell is known as the heart of the Peak District and set on the pretty banks of the River Wye, it is a magnet for painters, photographers and sightseers alike. Visitors can look forward to scenic riverside walks, a wealth of heritage and history, and storybook stone buildings home to independent shops, galleries, restaurants and cafes. Ringed by famous walking trails and stately homes, and renowned for its weekly market, this idyllic town is the perfect base for a long weekend,

This weekend the atmosphere is really great, so many families out for the day and everyone happy and relaxed looking for a bargain or a foodie treat at the 2 day Bakewell Christmas festival, with over a hundred stalls and entertainment winding through the narrow streets, of what is described as one of the most beautiful villages in England.

I was up very early this morning baking all the brownies and blondies for todays Bakewell market, the kitchen was hot and filled with the aromas of chocolate, almonds and raspberry, the almonds and raspberry for the homecoming of the Bakewell blondie which is always the first to sell out at Bakewell.

I then have to let them cool before dressing them with their toppings, and making sure the Ferrero Rocher, the Toblerone and the Terry's chocolate orange all blend in with their chocolate bases, and then gently pack them away for the journey.

We left before 7am for the misty drive from Sheffield to Bakewell arriving to such a well organised and marshalled event, everyone has their allocated arrival time, stall plans, where to unload and park, they really do have it off to a fine art so that Bakewell town centre isn't bought to a halt and grid locked.

The stall was all set up and ready to go for the 9am opening, and it wasn't long before the coaches started to arrive and people looking for breakfast. There is so much parking available and with 2 entrances, everything went very smoothly, and people were really enjoying themselves.

We close tonight at 5pm and then back tomorrow, so if you are near and fancy a few hours out in the lovely Peak district, please come along and say Hi.


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