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Scrumptiousbylucy has been reviewed !

I am so pleased and excited that we have featured in a leading online Food, Beauty and Travel blog.

Review: Scrumptious by Lucy Brownie Selection*

written by Yeahlifestyle March 16, 2021 review in a magazine

How do you eat yours?

Well, I like mine warm with ice cream, straight out of the box with a cup of tea and I also like them cut into tasty bites you can leave on the side all day to nibble at! I am talking about Brownies! Brownies as we all know are a popular dessert and can be bought in pastry shops and bakeries all over the world. But they started life in Chicago when socialite Bertha Palmer asked the chef at the Palmer Hotel (owned by her husband) to make her a dessert for the women attending the Chicago World Fair in the year 1893. Since then they have traveled the globe and become a go-to dessert in many a restaurant, and a regular bake in homes everywhere!

The range of brownies available now is huge, and same goes for the quality available. You can get oh so gooey ones, you can get your slightly crunchy nutty ones and some that a fudgy soft, perfect to top your ice-cream sundaes! But as it stands I am a pretty fussy brownie eater – I love brownies made with melted chocolate and find that ones made with just cocoa miss the mark and don’t have the same richness. Our latest review is of some box brownies made by Scrumptious by Lucy, who is a Sheffield based baker and makes brownies that can be delivered straight to your door.

Brownies on a plate from brownies gift box

What we thought of the Brownies

We were asked to select the flavours from Lucy’s page – and I have to say there is a huge selection from brownies to blondies and vegan brownies (which look amazingly chocolatey). Our selection was based on both my children and my favourite flavours. I love Bakewell tart so this was a must in my selection and made sure we tried out a blondie, my daughter had Oreo, as she loves anything to do with Oreos, whether it is in milkshake or as a snack, my eldest son loves chocolate orange, so that was his choice and finally my youngest loves a mini egg! Perfect – every flavour covered!

Bakewell blondie what a perfect gift

Well, when we tried these brownies, there were mmmms, ooos and these are sooo good from all of us. They have to be some of the best brownies we have ever had. They were super moist in the middle and had we not eaten them so quickly I can imagine if you popped them in the microwave for a few seconds they would come out gooey and melted mmm! But they were so good we ate them too quickly.

Oreo blondie from scrumptious by Lucy

Our favourite flavours were, the chocolate orange – it had the right balance of orange, and was so rich in flavour, secondly the mini egg, thirdly the oreo (although my daughter might say this one won for her tastes). The blondie was our least favourite – but had we had a box of just blondies we would have loved those too – but the regular chocolate brownies were dark and gooey like you’d expect a brilliant quality brownie to be. What’s better is these brownies can be delivered straight to your door, perfect for when you want to send a friend a treat, or when we can finally get together again the perfect coffee and cake with your friends!

Beautiful brownie gift cut into little brownies pieces

Where can you buy these brownies?

You can get your Scrumptious by Lucy’s brownies from her website.

How much are they?

Four brownies cost £12.95 plus delivery at £3.95 (which is DPD next day delivery) and arrive specially packed in a box containing a lovely message and the brownies stored inside with extra covering to maintain their freshness.

The best brownies to buy, review from magazine article

About Scrumptious by Lucy

Lucy started her baking business in 2017, after a tonne of encouragement from her family and friends. She originally baked for a small market in her local town of Sheffield and after receiving lots of positive feedback she expanded her business online and sends lots of her bakes or should I say brownies, to nearby Counties.

Her focus is on quality and you can tell this from the ingredients that Lucy uses in her brownies. For this she thanks her grandmother who was the person who lovingly thought her to bake and the importance of using good ingredients. As well as a baker she is also a mother and part-time Maths teacher. She hopes that as her business continues to grow, she can eventually concentrate solely on brownies and spending lots of time with her family especially her two children

Selection of brownie gifts from

What a great review, thank you so much to Yeah Lifestyle

I am so pleased with this review and also the lovely reviews you have left me on Google, it really does help, especially on a dreary Monday morning when I'm trying to get the children ready for school and just want to go back to bed ; )

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