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Corporate gift ideas. Brownies gifts for clients and colleagues.

Monday morning office meeting, and returning to the work after a long time away, just doesn't get any better, than with a corporate chocolate brownie mix.

Hi Guy's,

I just thought I would share with you a corporate order from last week, where I baked a lovely mixture of chocolate brownies and blondies for a Sheffield based corporate function.

The management ordered a mixture of chocolate brownies, as well as delicious blondies, to welcome the staff back from furlough.

Can you think of a better way to return to work on a Monday morning, than having boxes of chocolate brownies delivered to your door, or even better, to your desk?

The feedback I received after delivering the brownie gifts was really good, and everyone loved the different flavours and choices, from the Chocolate brownies, Bakewell blondies to the home made lemon curd used in the lemon blondies. Alongside the regular brownie and blondies, there were also Vegan and gluten free brownies, so I think everyone was a winner.

I think the only thing they couldn't agree on, was which was the favourite?

But when faced with choices such as Oreo, Nutella, Peanut butter and coconut brownies, as well as Bakewell blondies, Orange and almond and lemon blondies, I could see the problem, so maybe time for another meeting ; )

So if you are looking for ways to celebrate something at work, just let me know, after all, who doesn't love brownies.

Love Lucy x

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