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Brownie of the Month is back ! Welcome to the Mars bar brownie.

A month of Mars Bar

Thank you to all our supporters for choosing Mars Bar as September’s favorite flavour! Over the past few weeks, I have developed a delicious brownie that Mars Bar lovers will crave. I am so excited for you to try this indulgent, fudgy, scrumptious brownie.

What makes the perfect brownie?

For me, the perfect chocolate brownie must use the best chocolate you can buy, a blend of at least 70% dark chocolate and good quality milk chocolate make a perfect brownie blend for my taste.

I love the rich chocolate taste that makes each mouthful feel so indulgent and satisfying.

The brownies should have a flakey top! Melt the butter and chocolate first then whisk in the sugar afterwards and voila, you have yourself a flakey top! I always use salted butter, so I do not need to add any additional salt to the recipe.

What makes the perfect Mars Bar Brownie?

The Mars Bar was invented 90 years ago. It was developed in Slough in 1932 by Forrest Mars Sr. It has a signature black wrapper with red gold lettering and consists of caramel, chocolate, and nougat. To this day the Mars Bar is still one of the UK’s favorite chocolate bars.

I love to eat a Mars Bar, (or 2!) so the thought of combining our signature chocolate brownie with one of my favourite chocolate bars was very exciting! Creating the perfect Mars Bar brownie began with a dark, rich, chocolate fudge brownie mixture.

To emulate the caramel from a Mars Bar I swirled salted caramel throughout the brownie. I added Mars Bars all the way through the mixture before baking. Once baked, I drizzled each brownie with milk chocolate and topped with slices of Mars Bar.

The Mars bar brownie can be ordered as part of the Pick your own box



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