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Kinder Bueno Brownie is back for letterbox delivery

Kinder Bueno brownies are back as the pop-up brownie flavour for February.

This limited-edition pop-up brownie flavour was chosen by you the customer and rightly so. It tastes so unbelievable! The rich gooey brownie base swirled with Nutella and topped with white chocolate hazelnut spread & finished with Kinder Bueno chunks is a Bueno lover’s dream.

I left my camera recording and watched to see what my son Harry would do if I left a plate with a Kinder Bueno brownie on the worktop after baking, and I must say I was surprised how well he did before he couldn't resist trying it, but in all honesty, I am always sampling my recipes, so I think he did well, but how well would you do !

Take the Kinder Bueno Resist Test


Kinder Bueno is a deliciously gooey, but delicate chocolate bar with an indulgent taste, each melt-in-the-mouth piece promises creamy hazelnut, smooth chocolate and crispy wafer for you to enjoy.

I love Kinder Buenos and thought "how could I improve upon a classic" and turn it into a deep chocolatey gooey and fudgy brownie, but not lose that indulgent and delicate Bueno taste and texture? I started with the deep chocolatey base of my chocolate signature brownie, & swirled a layer of gooey Nutella chocolate and then layering and swirling a gorgeous topping of white chocolate hazelnut spread, and finished with the delicate texture and taste of Kinder Bueno pieces.

If you love Kinder Buenos, you will absolutely love this delicious combination of soft gooey chocolate and Bueno, simply Heaven

The Kinder Bueno brownie will be available from Tuesday 1st February to order as part of the Pick Your Own box of brownies which you can add your own personal gift message to which I will pop into the box. All my brownies are freshly made and once they are cooled are vacuum sealed and put into my beautiful letterbox size gift box ready for delivery anywhere in the UK, and the beauty of the box design which is lovely to look at, it is also strong enough to stand the rigours of posting and can be delivered to your letterbox when nobody is at home.

Love Lucy x


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