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Easter bunny has been seen with a Scrumptious gift box of chocolate brownie eggs?

What is the perfect Easter chocolate brownie Box?

I have created a special Easter brownies box for you to enjoy at Easter, although for anyone who loves the classic chocolate favourite which always come round at Easter, these can be eaten anytime of the year! So what brownie flavours makes the most scrumptious brownie gift box you can give to friends, family and loved ones? Obviously there had to be eggs, oh! and let’s not forget the Easter Bunny!

First up is the Mini Egg Brownie!

An Easter essential in my house. The little candy coated eggs add an amazing crunch against the rich fudgy chocolate brownie. Every mouthful will leave you wanting more............ and more......... and more!!!

Cadbury's Mini Eggs were first created in 1967 in the signature white, yellow, pink and purple with speckles colours, however if you went over the pond to enjoy Mini Eggs in the USA, you will find the original colours, white, pink, light blue and yellow.

Next to the party is the classic Cadbury's Crème Egg Brownie.

Again, another signature Easter treat! The soft gooey Cadbury's crème Egg oozing into the rich chocolate brownie adds an extra pop of sweetness.

A childhood favourite for many renamed by Cadbury’s in 1971, originally named Fry’s Crème Egg and the Nation’s most popular selling confectionary from January to Easter.

The Cadbury’s Caramel Egg brownie

And third in my box of classic Easter flavours, again, based around the Easter egg theme of sweet, velvety caramel with a delicious chocolate shell!

A combination of a salted caramel brownie against the sumptuous caramel egg is simply scrumptious. This increasingly popular egg was released in 1994 and is becoming almost as popular as the number 1 Crème Egg. Who doesn’t love caramel? The salted caramel brownie ooze's scrumptiousness, with a rich velvety caramel swirled throughout the brownie, it is no surprise it’s the top seller. What can make the salted caramel brownie even more scrummy? Add a Cadburys caramel egg and a sprinkle of sea salt to make this brownie the most delicious brownie around!

And now for the final egg, hopping into the box is the Malteser Bunny!

Welcome the Malteser Bunny Brownie.

The malted milk centre against the rich fudgy Malteser brownie is truly scrumptious! Malteser Bunnies have been popular since they arrived on our shelves in 2010 and are one of the most popular Easter chocolates today. The classic Malteser taste resonates with so many and is a family favourite in my house.

There you have my special Easter selection for you all to enjoy, whether to share with your family, as a gift to your friends and loved ones or simply just because you LOVE some Easter flavours! I hope you LOVE my Easter Brownie Box as much as I have in creating it.

Easter Sunday falls on the 17th April, with a Bank Holiday Friday and Monday, therefore to ensure your brownie gifts are delivered on time, I will be sending all your brownie gift boxes using the DPD Next Day service, so that all orders are received on Thursday 14thApril. This avoids the expensive Bank Holiday and weekend delivery charges, and ensures the brownies arrive in time. The brownies are sealed in airtight packaging and will stay lovely and fresh for up to 10 days, a little longer in the fridge and up to 3 months if frozen.

One thing I can promise you is, they will be simply Scrumptious!

Happy Easter!

Lucy xxx


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