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Do Scrumptious brownies really grow on Christmas trees ?

Do brownies really grow on Christmas Trees?

If you visit the Sheffield Christmas Tree Company, you will see a range of scrumptious brownies and blondies from the Sheffield Brownies Baker - Scrumptious by Lucy.

The Sheffield Christmas tree company really are the experts when it comes to Christmas trees, and we are so pleased that like last year, they have again turned to the experts in Sheffield brownies for their lovely cafe for a coffee and brownies

So why not make picking your Christmas tree a real family occasion. Don't just pick your tree off the shelf, go along and see them growing. You won't get a fresher tree anywhere!

That's their guarantee. And don't forget the whole place is dog friendly (as long as they're on a lead).

Set in the lovely little village of Dungworth, near Stannington, Sheffield S6, you will find The Sheffield Christmas Tree Company (Pick Your Own) Ltd. In 2006 they planted the first of twenty thousand Christmas Trees at the farm in Stannington Sheffield.

This winter they opened their Christmas Tree log cabin where you can go and browse in their gift shop, have a coffee and a wonderful brownie from the Sheffield brownies baker, this year they are stocking 8-10 of our favourite brownie flavours including Gluten Free and Vegan, so if you want to buy a Christmas Tree! or really see if brownies do grow on trees ? Then pop along to the Sheffield Christmas tree company.


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