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Bakewell Brownies from the Sheffield brownies baker @ Bakewell Christmas festival 19th/20th Nov.

Bakewell Christmas weekend is a quintessential Christmas market, Bakewell is a picturesque historical market town set in the heart of the Peak District National Park,

The Christmas weekend will be held over Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th November, and the Sheffield Brownies baker, Scrumptious by Lucy, will be baking her fabulously scrumptious range of festive brownies. There are over a 100 stalls and gazebo's throughout the town centre, selling a variety of crafts and treats, children's entertainers, brass bands, children's rides, etc. For a full programme of events click Bakewell Christmas Market

Christmas is my favourite time of the year! When Halloween is over and the shelves in the supermarkets are getting filled up with sparkly Christmas decorations I get very excited and can’t wait to start my festive baking.

The clocks have just gone back, the nights are getting darker earlier, the Christmas adverts have started and the weather is getting chilly I hate being cold, but I love throwing on loads of layers and being out and about during the Christmas period, and I absolutely love the Christmas market at Bakewell, its just such a good time of the year and hopefully this years market will be every bit as good as last years

Maybe its just me but brownies always seem to taste better this time of year, maybe it’s the cold, but I love a chocolate overdose. To be honest I have already made my first batch of Mince Pies (and eaten them) and I have of course perfected this year’s festive brownies!

I will bake 4 mouth-watering festive brownies for you to indulge over the festive period as well as my regular range of brownies and blondies.

Ginger bread blondie: Who doesn’t love gingerbread?

The aroma’s that fill my kitchen when baking this blondie makes my heart warm and take me back to my childhood baking with Nan Freda. For Bonfire night we always baked gingerbread parkin and then in preparation for Christmas the gingerbread men cutters came out to play!

The taste of the gingerbread blondie is so comforting, a true winter warmer. deliciously moreish gingerbread is sure to be a hit! A gingery blondie base sprinkled with cinnamon sugar and topped with a gingerbread man for that extra festive touch. A Festive blondie special to compliment the delicious brownies in the Festive Christmas box.

Toblerone brownie:

This rich chocolate brownie is amplified with chunks of Toblerone and flaked almonds baked into the mixture to give the classic Toblerone chew, set against the chocolate crunch. The subtle almond flavour against the chocolate is simply perfect! I then add more Toblerone after baking, because it is Christmas after all, and I promise you every extra calorie is worth it!

Terry's chocolate orange brownie:

Everyone has heard of Terry’s chocolate orange; they have been around since 1932! So, how can you improve an icon, something which has lasted the test of time for so long?

Simple, start with baking the most mouth wateringly tasty chocolate brownie, which has been loaded with the freshest orange flavours, with added fresh orange zest, and a luxurious orange oil blended within the chocolate brownie mixture before baking and then pop a Terry’s chocolate segment on top.

The combination of chocolate and orange really are a classic and make this one of the most popular chocolate brownies I sell from my Sheffield brownies bakery, and my pop up brownies stall at Sheffield train station between 11am and 6pm every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Ferrero Rocher brownie:

These truly are a festive favourite. Each Ferrero Rocher is created with passion and commitment. Ferrero take a whole hazelnut, dip it in a smooth and velvety filling, then coat it in milk chocolate and cover it in hazelnut pieces, to give you an irresistible taste experience. Ferrero Rocher is the ultimate in decadently rich chocolate with a unique hazelnut topping, how can you add to perfection? simply combine this with the ingredients of a scrumptiously rich dark Nutella and chocolate brownies base, topped with chopped hazelnuts and Ferrero Rocher, this must be the ultimate decadent festive brownie treat, whether you share or relaxing with a cup of coffee.

If you cannot make the Bakewell Christmas market, then remember, the festive brownies box of four can be ordered online for fast brownie delivery in our gorgeous letterbox friendly gift boxes, or pop down to our pop up brownies stall between 11am and 6pm every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at Sheffield train station

Hope to see you there!


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