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Father's Day is less than two weeks away

Happy Father’s Day!

Father’s Day is 2 weeks away and this is when I start to think about what I can buy Dad! He has enough socks to fill a whole wardrobe, enough pairs of boxers to wear a new pair for the rest of the year, slippers for summer and winter, and why buy more clothes to add to the heap on the floor (do the men in your life hang their clothes up?)

Anyway back to business, what do I buy Dad?

He loves chocolate, (who doesn’t love chocolate!) and chocolate brownies are his favourite treat! So, maybe something edible that we can all enjoy (sharing is caring 😊) and whenever I have brownies, and dad visits, it isn't long before I have a plate of crumbs and a sheepish smile.

The good thing with buying chocolate brownies online, is that they are safely packaged in a beautiful brownies gift box, and they are something which can easily be delivered by post, (if needed) also the brownie gift box is specially made for letterbox delivery, so if nobody is in, that's not a problem, and it doesn't ruin that special day, it is also lovely to have them firstly delivered to me, and I can take them to Dad on the day.

But if like many families who live far away, and you need the brownies need to be delivered to your father, then dont worry, you can still make your father day gift very special by adding a lovely personalised message, which I will hand write and pop into the gift box, so therefore you do not need to worry about a card!

I would also love to add a gift wrap for that extra surprise, and more importantly something truly Scrumptious that will instantly crack a smile ….

So, if you are looking for a brownie company that can offer:

Postal Brownie delivery

Personalised handwritten message (add your personal message at checkout)

And more importantly, overall just a great customer experience so you do not need to worry about your special gift arriving on time, then please trust me to make your father's day so very special…..

All the father's day brownie gifts will be delivered by courier on Friday 18th June, this is for two reasons, firstly to ensure they arrive on time, and secondly it will give you the time to have them delivered to your home, and for you to take them to your father if you can.

I have just added a chocolate classic which I am sure most fathers will remember, the Cadbury Crunchie Brownie something I am sure all dad's will remember.

Love Lucy x


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