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Brownies Delivery in the UK: Chocolate Brownies by Post

Brownies delivery in the UK

Brownies delivery: Having brownies delivered to your door is not only extremely heart warming, but also extremely luxurious & indulgent.

Let someone know that you are thinking of them, or just treat yourself if you're fancying a little lockdown indulgence.

We send boxes of four chocolatey brownies with a delicious variety of flavours. Our range includes lotus biscoff blondies, fudgy peanut butter & chocolate brownies, & our oreo cookies and cream fudge brownie.

How to order chocolate letterbox brownies.

Firstly, choose which selection box you would like. We have the four following options:

  1. 'Top Sellers box': This is a selection of the best sellers from the month. With this box, you are trusting our repeat customers in knowing which brownies are the most delicious. A great selection box if you are uncertain of what to pick.

  2. 'Pick your own box': Choose 4 of our brownies to fill your box.

  3. 'Gluten free box': Choose 4 gluten free to fill your box.

  4. Vegan Box These are equally as gooey & delicious as our regular brownies... Don't worry, we have done a LOT of taste testing!

Once you have selected which box you would like, & filled your box with your favourites, you have the option to add a free personalised message to your box. Great if you are looking to send a gift to your loved ones! Just write a message in the text box & we will hand write the message & add to your brownie box.

You also then have the option to add a sleeve to make your brownie box extra special!

Head to our 'flavours' page here to see our full selection of delicious brownies.

If you are ready to order your brownies, then head to our order page here to begin making your selection :)

Sheffield brownie baker Scrumptious by Lucy beautiful postal brownies

Brownies delivery: When to expect your chocolate brownies.

From ordering your brownies, the brownies delivery takes 2-3 days to arrive at your door. The boxes fit through a standard letterbox, so we can still deliver them if nobody is in!

If you have any further questions, then you can either head to our FAQs page here.

You can visit our Instagram here to see some more pictures of our delicious brownies.

Or you can drop us an email on


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