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Brownies Ready! Cookies Ready! Gladiators Ready!

The Gladiators and Scrumptious by Lucy

Gladiators Return to Sheffield!

My boys absolutely love the Gladiators, ever since the show made a comeback on BBC1. The show is broadcast from the City of Sheffield, the home of Scrumptious by Lucy! and where else would you expect to find the Gladiators.

The first challenge for Giant and Steel on the way to the show was to tackle a mouth watering Malteser brownie from our pop-up stall at Sheffield Train Station. It was a true test of their strength and determination, and the Malteser brownie came out the clear winner!

Malteser brownies from the Sheffield brownie baker

A new edition to our range !!

I have been working on a selection of Dipping boxes to compliment my range of brownies and blondies, and what better than a choice of chocolate brownies and milk chocolate chip cookies dipping bars, which are now available to be ordered online

Mixed chocolate brownies and chocolate chip dipping bars

Get ready to dive into a mixed box of 10 heavenly, Great Taste Award Winning Chocolate Brownies and Milk Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars. And the best part? You get to dip and top them with your 4 favourite flavours!

If chocolate is your thing, than look no further than the ultimate Chocolate brownies dipping box of 10 Great Taste award winning brownies with a choice of dipping sauces and toppings, and for the cookie lovers, nothing can beat the chocolate chip cookie bar dipping box with 10 chocolate chip cookie bars and a choice of dipping sauces and toppings, or as a sharing dipping box, just combine the two with 5 Chocolate and 5 chocolate chip cookies

All can be dunked with pleasure into your chosen 4 dips and toppings.  The beauty of the dipping box is that you can customize your experience to your liking with over 12 different dips and toppings to choose from,  you can mix and match to your hearts content.  

Choose your two favourite dips, from :-

1. White chocolate Hazelnut spread

2. White chocolate

3. Milk chocolate

4. Nutella.

5. Lotus Biscoff

And then add your two favourite crushed toppings from:- 

1. Lotus

2. Oreo

3. Kinder

4. Cadburys Crunchie

5. Terrys Chocolate orange

6. White chocolate

7. Milk chocolate

8. Mini Eggs

Whatever you choose,  I can guarantee you are in for a treat.  Remember to heat the dips for the perfect dipping experience.  I suggest 15 seconds in the microwave.  The pots provided are microwave safe. Not only is the dipping box a delicious treat, but it also makes for a fun and interactive experience. Whether you're hosting a party or simply enjoying a cosy night in, the dipping box is sure to be a crowd pleaser, so go ahead, indulge in some decadent chocolate brownies and cookies, let your taste buds run wild with all the delicious dipping options.

Coming soon for cookie bar lovers

A great choice of cookie bars with your favourite flavours, including Jammie Dodgers, Kinder Bueno, Mini Egg, Terry's chocolate orange, with more to come and all delivered to your door in this beautiful cookie bar gift box.

Indulge in our delectable selection of brownies, made with the finest ingredients and baked to perfection. From classic chocolate fudge to tempting salted caramel, our brownies are a heavenly treat for your taste buds.

Craving something chewy and sweet? Look no further! Our irresistible cookies are made with love and packed with flavours that will satisfy your cookie cravings like never before.

Watch out for the imminent release of our cookie bars!

Love Lucy x


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