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Scrumptious by Lucy 20% Discount code for tickets at the 5 on the Farm festival

Hi Guys,

Just a quick update from yesterdays post, I have managed to get a 20% discount code for tickets to the 5 on the Farm festival this weekend, just click on the link and this will give you discount on all the tickets for the 3 days of the festival.

I have decided on the flavours I will be bringing and just for this weekend I will also be baking one of my favourite bakes, which so compliments my brownie range, and one of my children's personal favourites, Rocky Road.

I have been asked for Rocky Road ever since I used to bake them for the market stalls and food festivals before Covid, but now the markets are back, I just thought I would try them again, although the first bake mysteriously disappeared, along with my husband and the boys, and for some reason neither of them were very hungry when tea time came along, and the chocolaty faces on the boys were a bit of a give away?

The flavours I have decided upon this weekend are

The weather is looking really good for the weekend, so if you do come along, please drop in and say Hi,

Love Lucy


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