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Cookie Dough Brownie for October ? & Christmas Brownie box delivery

New flavours

I have had a crazy few weeks trialling new flavours for the new monthly pop up as well as thinking ahead for some festive flavours that I cannot wait to share with you. In my eyes Christmas can never come early enough!

Creating new flavours isn’t as straight forward as you think. I will let you in to a secret, my first attempt is never good enough and often the second isn’t either! I will keep adjusting the amount of butter to flour, chocolate to sugar ratio and then additional flavours and ingredients that will offset each other to create a delicious gooey fudgy brownie.

I love creating new bakes. You will often find me baking late into the night perfecting every bake. This is my favourite time when the boys are in bed and I only have Alexa for company 😊

Kinder Bueno was very popular and one of my favourites- keep your eye out for its return.

Another very popular brownie is the Malteser brownie. You loved the brownie so much I kept the Malteser brownie on the regular brownie list so it is now available for the rest of the year.

Cookie dough brownie has been requested by you so many times, so I have been busy in the kitchen testing new recipes that are simply scrumptious and I am almost there. Its over to you to decide if you would like cookie dough to be your October pop up!

Now, Let’s talk festive flavours. What flavours scream Christmas for you?

I absolutely love Toblerone. The Toblerone brownie was the star brownie last Christmas, it was so very popular and I struggled to keep up with demand, so therefore it will be making a return this year for sure!!

I just love the crunchy almonds against the rich fudgy brownie. It has such a unique taste and texture, plus with its highly original shape, even when I cut it into small pieces, everybody knows its a Toblerone It is just delicious!!!

Do you know why Toblerone has the pyramid shape ? Legend has it that the majestic Matterhorn, Switzerland’s most famous mountain peak, inspired the Toblers to fashion their chocolate this way. According to other sources, however, principally Tobler’s own sons, the inspiration was a little more human. They say that, in fact, it was a show at the Folies Bergère – a music hall in Paris, where frilly-dressed dancers formed a giant, human triangle for the final spectacle – that apparently impressed young Tobler immensely.

Terry’s chocolate orange is another must for Christmas. Ever since I remember my Nan Freda used to buy my sister and I a Terry’s orange for Christmas, my Mum continued this and to this day you can guarantee I will have a Terry’s orange waiting to be eaten on Christmas morning. Did you know one of the first products Terry's made in 1926, was a Terry's dessert chocolate apple ? and then in 1932, he came up with the Terry's chocolate orange, I can't quite really imagine a chocolate apple was that popular ? but they lasted until 1954

After Eights are another festive flavour that inspires me to create a mint chocolate brownie. The rich gooey chocolate against the mint will give a decadent brownie for those chocolate mint lovers.

Who knows I may even add a matchmaker in there for some crunch because who doesn’t add a box of matchmakers to your Christmas shop, or possibly Mint aero, let me know your thoughts on your favourite mint chocolate 😊

Fudge, now this really is a classic especially at Christmas was something my Nan Freda loved to eat. I always remember her sharing her fudge with my sister and I, as we watched The Snowman and Father Christmas.

This is a Christmas Eve tradition that I continue with my boys, and it really lets me know that Christmas is hear, and stirs up many great memories. So, I think a creamy fudge against a rich chocolate brownie will be a crowd pleaser and one I cannot wait to trial.

Finally Gingerbread! The smell of festive spices makes this a must for our festive collection.

Gingerbread is such a Christmas flavour in my house. Since I was little, we have always baked a gingerbread house, decorated with plenty of sweet treats. I often bake gingerbread men with the boys, but they too know it’s Christmas when we begin to bake our gingerbread house. I can’t wait for the festive aromas to take over the Scrumptious kitchen!

Then I guess it is over to you to decide which of the 4 flavours above will feature in the festive box 😊 please do let me have any suggestions of your favourite Christmas treats or anything else you think I have missed, let me know at or leave me contact on the home page on the Lets chat?

As I write this, I can imagine Michael Buble’s Christmas album playing as I begin Christmas preparations. Do I dare mention Christmas cake! Have you begun the preparation for the fruit soaking in your favourite festive tipple? I think I will leave this for the next blog!

Oh I can just smell the aromas…….


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