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Pick your own Easter Box

The ultimate Easter brownie treat
This is so much more Scrumptious than just a chocolate Easter egg.
Imagine combining a delicious chocolate brownie with gooey Cadbury's creme eggs, Caramel eggs, the crunch of the mini egg, or combine this into a unique Rocky Road Easter treat, and not forgetting my version of the chocolate brownie Scotch egg filled with a gooey Cadbury Creme egg, this box really does contain sheer chocolate indulgence. The hardest part is choosing which six to add to this unique Easter collection.

The Pick Your Own Easter Box is here!

What screams Easter more than eggs, and our new Pick Your Own Easter Box has plenty of them!

This Easter we have lots of ‘egg’citing treats on offer, from delicious brownies, blondies, and cookies to our very popular Brownie Scotch Eggs.  We have already launched our Mini Egg Brownie and Crème Egg Brownie for you to include in our letterbox postal range but now it is time for the Pick your Own Easter Box! 

The Pick Your Own Easter Box allows you to choose 6 of your favourite Easter flavours and enjoy them as part of our freshly baked Easter treats.   There are 8 items to choose from.  The hardest decision you will have to make is which 6 to choose for your box.

The Mini Egg Brownie

Leading the way is the Mini Egg Brownie! An Easter absolute essential in my house.  Mini eggs add an amazing crunch against the rich fudgy chocolate brownie.  Ever mouthful will leave you wanting more, and more and more!!!  Mini Eggs were created in 1967 in the classic white, yellow, pink and purple with speckles, however  did you know that if you enjoy Mini Eggs in the USA, you wont find any purple ones the USA original colours are white, pink, light blue and yellow.

The Crème Egg Brownie 

The Crème Egg Brownie.  Again, another classic Easter treat! The soft gooey crème Egg oozes into the rich chocolate brownie adding an extra pop of sweetness.  Did you know this childhood favourite for many of us was renamed by Cadbury’s in 1971 from Fry’s Crème Egg and is now the Nation’s most popular selling confectionary sold from January to Easter. 

The Mini Egg Nest Cookie 

This is one of my favourite cookies.  I love the crunch of the chocolate covered cornflakes against the soft milk chocolate chip cookie.  This round cookie is stuffed full of milk chocolate chips and is then loaded with Mini Eggs.  I recommend you warm the cookies for the perfect gooey centre.  

Easter Rocky Road 

Hopping into the box, is the Rocky Road.  Topped with a Malteser Bunny and Mini Eggs, we have added an Easter twist to our very popular Rocky Road. The pieces are huge and fully loaded with Easter goodness.  Rich tea biscuits make the perfect base for a rocky road, alongside a mixture of milk and dark chocolate, marshmallows, Mini Eggs, Maltesers, Malteser Bunnies.  This most definitely  must be my best afternoon pick me up!

The Caramel Egg Nest Cookie 

A very popular cookie at the pop up and a must to be included in the Easter pick.  The perfect cookie, filled with milk chocolate, topped with a chocolate cornflake nest and a gooey Cadburys’ Caramel Egg.  The oozy caramel drips over the cornflakes to make this cookie a caramel lover’s dream.  

Crème Egg Brownie Scotch Egg 

If you like Crème Eggs, then this one is for you.  Our award-winning Chocolate Brownie encases a Crème Egg to create the popular Brownie Scotch Egg! These are extremely popular, so just had to be in the Easter Box.  The brownie egg is coated in digestive crumb.  The perfect gift for a Crème Egg fan.

Caramel Egg Brownie Scotch Egg

Our rich fudgy Chocolate Brownie is moulded round a Cadbury’s Caramel Egg and then rolled in chocolate sprinkles for the ultimate Easter delight.  The balance between the rich brownie and caramel is simply delicious and a firm favourite in my house.

The Easter selection is something for everyone to enjoy, whether to share with your family on the run up to Easter, as a seasonal gift to a friend or simply just because you LOVE  Easter flavours and cannot wait to try some scrumptious bakes! 


I hope you LOVE the Pick Your Own Easter Box as much as I have creating it. 
One thing I can promise you is they will be simply Scrumptious! 
Happy Easter

P.S This box is larger than our  letterbox brownies and will need somebody at home to accept them

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